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About us

936 758 077
Avenida Brasil, nº 43, 5°Esq 1700-062 Lisboa

Business Card
Susana Valente

Susana Valente represents the third generation of a family of businesspeople specialized in Sales.

Her hard work, charisma and true passion for this business has helped her quickly build a reputation as a Trusted Real Estate Consultant in the Algarve.

Susana Valente specializes in all aspects of the Real Estate Business, whether in guiding the best option for clients buying their first home, or in choosing that second home that will represent the perfect place to spend your holidays and still make a profit of this investment, whether in providing the qualified help necessary to make the right choice in the Luxury Real Estate Market.

She knows and has already experienced all these situations, which makes Susana Valente your Real Estate Agent in the Algarve.